Magnetic Car Bras from

  • The world's only patented, theft-proof magnetic car bras
  • Economical, easy to use
  • Sleek, form-fitting appearance
  • Much less maintenance than conventional bras
  • Simple, elegant and functional
  • Designed for people who care about cars

Our magnetic car bras are made from safety-coated, flexible magnetic sheet, like magnetic car signs and the seal around your refrigerator door. Safety-coated magnetic sheet was developed especially for use on cars and trucks. With proper maintenance it can be used indefinitely, even in the rain.

Severe damage to hood, but bumper is OK
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Most bumpers have plastic covers which flex and absorb impacts. The flexing prevents rock chips. Magnetic car bras cover the front end of the hood, where most rock chips occur.

The magnetic bra's patented design makes it theft-proof and secure at any speed. A durable, U-shaped edge trim covers the leading edge and sides of the bra. The trim keeps wind and water out and makes it difficult or impossible to remove the bra without opening the hood.

Can you see the bra?
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Flexible magnetic sheet precisely follows the contours of your hood. The finest detail will show through. You can even paint it - to match your car's color, with a logo or with your imagination. Painted or not, it will make your car look great, on or off.

The magnetic car bra is available in white as well as black, which makes it almost invisible on white cars.

As of April 2006, the magnetic bra will be made from a new, ultra-high-strength type of magnetic sheet. The new material is much more durable and it should double or triple the life of the bras. The new material is also more flexible, especially at low temperatures, and it is more than 50-percent stronger magnetically. Both features will ease installation and help to achieve a sleek fit on cars with sharp ridges or compound curves in the hood.