PRECAUTIONS: The magnetic sheet is safety-coated. It has been used on cars for over thirty years. With minimum care, it will keep your car in original condition.

WAX THE HOOD BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE BRA AND AGAIN EVERY SIX MONTHS. For added protection you can also wax the back of the bra.

KEEP THE HOOD DRY UNDER THE BRA. If water remains under the bra it can damage the paint. After rain or car washes, check under the bra for water and dry it if necessary. In dry weather, clean under the bra once a month or so with a damp cloth (see below).

Do not put the bra on a freshly painted car for more than a short time. Allow about 90 days for fresh paint to cure. (This does not apply to new, factory-painted cars.)

Never lay the bra on the ground or let it become contaminated with iron or steel particles such as are present at body or machine shops. It will pick them up and they may eventually mar the finish (buffing will restore it).

Always use the edge trim. Without it, the bra could break free at high speed.
TO INSTALL: Warm the bra to at least room temperature before you unroll it. Make sure the hood and bra are clean. Do not slide the bra across the hood. (If there is grit under the bra you could scratch the paint.) Adjust with a wave-like motion, moving one finger under the bra. The front edge should not overlap the hood. The side edges should be heated and folded under the side of the hood (see diagram). Use heat and the edge trim to hold down wrinkles on the front edge. Press edge trim fully on, especially on the sides of the hood. The side with the rubber lip inside goes under the hood. If the trim buckles at the corners or if it seems too loose, pinch and reinstall. The trim is flexible. It will stretch and compress. If it seems too short or too long, remove it half way and re-install it with adjustments so that the ends match the back corners of the bra. Do not attempt to stretch just the last few inches. Smooth the bra until it forms a tight seal with no gaps. In below 75-degree weather, install when the hood is warm from driving. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the bra until it is hot to the touch in areas where it needs to flex to follow curves, where the bra folds around the sides of the hood, and around any hood emblems. Forcing the material to bend when it's cold could cause the material to crack. After the bra cools on the car it will hold the new shape and install easily the next time.
TO CLEAN: Remove edge trim and lift one side at a time. The bra will return to its original position if you do not remove it completely. Wipe bra and hood with a damp cloth using mild soap if needed. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners. WD-40 can be gently applied if a solvent is necessary.
CARE: For maximum life, the bra can be removed for non-highway driving. Car wax or vinyl polish can be used on the bra. Always handle the bra with care, especially in cold weather. Sharp bending when its cold will crack or tear the material, or cause bubbles to form. Rough handling or improper storage can damage the bra. Lift the bra by its ends, not the center. Always store the bra rolled up in the original box. The trim should be stored outside of the box.