Just a very short note to tell you how much I appreciate this car bra I bought for my '06 Honda Civic. I got behind a concrete truck this morning and, you probably guessed it, a small chunk of concrete fell off and hit right where the car bra was located. I got the guy's number off the truck and pulled over. Expecting the worst, I pulled off the magnetic bra and not a dent, not even a scratch. Thanks again for a GREAT product!

2006 Honda Civic Coupe
Mobile, AL

I wanted you to know when I bought my new 03 cavalier I didn't want the hood to get chipped or bugs on it so I looked up on the internet and saw your ad for the magnetic bra. I ordered it and I put it on, looked great. I just traded the car in 3 years later. I took the bra off when I traded it in because the car dealer throws them away. When I had the car appraised the sales manager couldn't believe how new the hood looked. This bra is wonderful. I am ordering a new one for my 2006 Cobalt I just bought. . thanks for the wonderful ideas on the bras, I know my investment is protected when I buy the bra.

2003 Cavalier
Waterloo, NY

I had one of your products for my 2005 Honda Element and it was installed days after buying the car in 2005, until today when removed for trade-in for 2008 Honda Fit. The paint was pristine, and perfect. I want one for my 2008 Fit. I tried to use the pic link on your page but it doesn't seem to work correctly. If you don't have pics of one, I'd be happy to provide one of mine when I order one and install it.

Wilmington, DE
Honda Element

My check will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank you. My old one fell apart in a rare visit to a car wash. It lasted over 5 years. I wish all my 50.00 car investments lasted that long.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Kapolei, Hi

This is the most outstanding product ever made and I really like the sleekness and design of the bra and would like to give you or your company a great customer review on it. I'm highly impressed with mine and my wife wants to have one also. This new tech bra is the only one of it's kind that does not ripple in the wind like most cloth bras and the fitting is excellent! You just can not get anything this great!

Pontiac Grand Prix
San Bernardino, CA


Outback Sport
Lexington, KY

This thing is AWESOME!!!!! Thank you a million times over for marketing this car bra!!!!!! I love it!

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Livonia, MI

I received the Bra in record time. I followed your instructions for a quick install. It looks terrific!!! It appears much better than the fabric bras that tend to flap in the wind and abrade the paint -- a nice sound design.

2001 Maxima
New City, New York

Just wanted to let you know I got the bra - and yeah ... it is GREAT !! I actually had three people compliment it in the first 4 hours it was on !! And no, I'm not getting paid for that commercial ... ha ! It's a pretty neat concept - and works like a champ !

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Fairmont, WV

I got my Magnetbra today and it looks 10x's better on my car than it looks in your photos (nothing personal about your photos). You can't tell how nice it is till it's on the car. I need to get one for my girlfriends car now. TKS

1998 Camry
Valley Village, CA

Got it last nite. Looks sweet! My Xterra is gold and I have the brush guards on it so damn it looks hot.

2001 Xterra
Corinth, TX

I received the bra last Saturday and it installed with no problems. It looks great and should keep the paint from chipping for a very long time. BRILLIANT product!!

2001 Maxima
Houston, TX

Thanks for your directions... Although it did not take a rocket scientist to figure the installation out I did want to make sure I was installing them correctly... believe me when I say this. You have a magnificent product. Believe me I was sceptical. I own a Ford 96 Mustang Cobra and a 96 Mustang Gt they have OEM factory original leather bras.... So you can see I wasn't sure if I would like this product... But for under 45.00 I would give it a try... I can not believe how professional this magneticbra looks.. I installed in in 2 minutes. That was including the waxing of the hood! It looks fantastic on my new toy.. 2002 Black Ford Escape... I have only had it on one day and have been thinking of all kinds of ways of changing the style looks etc... You can add pinstripes log=os etc... I love the real bra look and it looks like a FORD OEM part! Thanks a gain,,,,PS you can use the above testimonal heck you can even refer customers to me.... We Love it!

2002 Escape
Framingham, MA

Thank you for the efficient packaging and mailing of the bra which I received very quickly. As a car buff, I am very particular with what I purchase. After viewing the website information that was presented, I was immediately sold and placed an order. The Magnetbra is not only functional, but looks very good also. It has gotten several compliments already. Bottomline, it is an outstanding product that serves the purpose! I highly recommend the Magnetbra!

2002 Sienna
Omaha, NE

About a year ago I purchased a Magnet Bra from your site for my wife's then new Toyota Tacoma. We are very happy with not only the way the bra protects the hood but also the way the bra looks. A couple of weeks after I put the bra on the Tacoma we went to the Toyota dealership from where my wife got her Tacoma in Palm Desert for an oil change and scheduled maintenance. The service department manager could not take his eyes off the Magnet Bra that was on our truck. he said that he never seen a bra that looked so good and that he had never seen another bra like ours. He asked where we got ours at so I gave him your web address, so he could look into it for him self. That is just one of countless questions and comments we have gotten for and about the magnet Bra I got from your company. In a few months from now I am planning to purchase a new 2003 Saturn VUE. I really would like to have a Magnet Bra for my VUE but I don't see a bra for the VUE in your list of bras that you sell. Are you planning to make and start selling bras for the VUE? Please let me know, because if you are not going to make and sell a bra for the VUE I will not buy any other company's bra. I guess you could say I'll just go bra-less.

2001 Tacoma
29 Palms, CA

I have a magnetic bra on my 2000 Sienna -- now mom wants one for the 88 Toyota Camry -- I scanned your site and didn't find one, so my guess is that you don't have one. Please let me know and thank you. By the way, the other one is about 18 months old now and has held up very nicely in fit and appearance.

2000 Sienna
Everett WA

Wow this is incredible! I love how the bra installed onto my 99 Civic-EX. Anyway, I installed it onto my car today. It went on in just minutes and now looks really nice. I love how it enhanced the looks of my car. I have showed it to several friends of mine and they just loved how it conformed to the shape of the hood and how it added to the beauty of my car. Don't be surprised if you hear from them real soon to order one for their cars and trucks. Thank you for making such a worth while product! By the way, I am now looking for some sucker to buy my old bra now. LOL

99 Civic
Frankfort, IN

Hi. I was wondering if you were goind to come out with a Magnetbra for the Ford Ranger Edge. I have one on my Chevy Impala and absolutely love it, I get so many compliments! I've had it for 2 years now and it is still as good as new!

2002 Impala
Houston, TX

This is the 2nd bra that I have purchased from you. About two years ago I purchased one for my honda accord which had sustained some damage to the hood after being behind a truck hauling gravel. I had the hood repainted and once the paint cured I installed your product and it was fantastic. I sold the Honda a while ago and purchased the Xterra, I want to get this in place so the same thing doesn't happen again!!!! Looking forward to installing it on the nissan. Thanx for a great product!

2001 Xterra
Gray, TN

You will be interested to know that the reason I need this bra is because the expensive LeBra I had on my new 2004 Taurus on its first long trip damaged the paint pretty bad by vibrating at high speeds and scratching the hell out of my hood.

Youngstown, OH

I currently own two magnet bras for a 1999 Lumina LTZ and a 1999 Malibu LT. I recently purchased a 2005 Chevrolet Equionx LT. I was wondering if you had made a bra for this model yet. Your product is the best accessory that I have on either car. Keep up the great work.

Wantagh, NY

This is my 4th magnetbra. Just bought the new GTO and the bra and k&n air filter were the first two things I thought of. As always, I look forward to protecting the front of my hood with your product. The 3rd bra I bought after 2 years with it on my wifes 02 Mitsubishi Spyder I can see little dents where stones hit it. I thank my stars for the magnet bra - it took the hit not the hood. Underneath the hood looks like the day it rolled off the showroom. Your bra's are a miracle.

Suffolk, VA

Thanks for making these available. The one I purchased for my 2000 Pontiac Grand Am works great and has saved the hood from many chips. I had a truck kick up a really big rock and fortunately it hit the magnet bra where it just bounced off, no damage at all. Thanks for making these available, they really work great! PS- After two years of having this on the car, I checked and there is no paint fade at all. With the bra off, you can't see any line where the bra was on there.

Marion, OH

I just took delivery of my Magnet Bra for our 2008 Ford Fusion. I want to tell you its the best looking hood bra I have ever seen. Installation was all of about 15 minutes and with a hair dryer all of the bubbles and wrinkles came out without a problem. It fits the contours of the hood great with no gaping or puckering. We bought it for longer road trips and will break it in in a couple of weeks on a trip to Georgia. It is a very sleek look and I wish I had found you long ago! I will be placeing another order for our 2006 Focus and my brother was so impressed I would expect his Escape will be getting one soon also! Thanks again, and feel free to use my comments to convince others on the merits of your product!

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Thank you in advance for your prompt shipment. This will be the 4th car I have ordered one for - they ALWAYS look excellent and i've always rec'd many compliments. I have magnetbras on the following vehicles now: 95 red honda del sol / 99 silver toyota solara & 95 brown/grey metallic toyota celica. The new one will be on an 03 silver toyota celica. I have referred several people to your website. Thanks again!

Hartsville, SC

just some kudos for your magnetbra. I purchased one for my 01 chrysler sebring in june 2009. it is now almost april, so the magnetbra survived its first buffalo ny winter. it was the best $50.00 i ever spent. i have seen other car bras around, mostly leather and more expensive and they all look weathered, loose fittng and generally dismal. yours is still shining and showing a snug fit. it also saved me from buying a $300.00 hood that had unsightly rust along the whole front. it covered up all the rusted area and the installation was easy. i am not planning to take it off so if it lasts me another year or two -great! I'll throw the hood and bra away.

f.y.i. i have not seen another magnetbra. i can't believe i'm the only person in this area that discovered your product. keep up the good work.

Lockport NY

I went searching for a bug/rock deflector for my 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipe this year. Much to by surpise, I couldn't find a conventional aftermarket plastic deflector, & Mitsubishi does not manufacture them for this year & model. The only option available was a cloth bra, which comes with it's own set of issues. So after searching the web I came accross your product. I received my Magnetbra and LOVE it! The fit is every bit as precise as advertised and installation was relatively simple. I bought my car used and there was already some pitting & stone chips which are now completely covered and protected from further damage. On the vanity side, it also gives the front of my car that little extra something that seemed to be lacking previously :) Thanks for a great product and people are already asking where I got it, so there may be more orders coming your way!

Ontario, Canada

I'm amazed how the Magnetbra changes the look of my frumpy Nissan Versa.

San Diego, CA

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your product after trying a couple of other front end protectors such as the le bra. The shape of the hood prevented the le bra from wrapping and protecting the hood completely. There were two large open pockets where water and dirt poured in. Any speed above thirty and the bra was flapping in the breeze, which would damage the paint over time. I searched the internet, and eventually discovered your product. It's only been on (and off) for a week, and I have to say I am most impressed. Very easy to put on and take off. My vehicle is black, and the bra is virtually invisible. Of course, I haven't given it the "test of time", but am confident that this product will protect the finish. I complain enough when I get something inferior, but I always give an "attaboy" for what I think is a great product!!!!!!! The pricing is fair, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your product to anyone!!

2012 Hyundai Accent